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Often people come to me when they are celebrating a passage: a marriage, a new baby, a graduation, a 50th wedding anniversary , a reunion of a family rarely together.

There are also celebrations of our daily joy: a laughing 7 month old baby, an enthusiastic border collie showing his trick over and over, (and over), the beauty of a young girl,  or a teenage boy with his geriatric dog. I am honored and thankful to bear witness to these courageous and loving moments.

There is a lifetime of learning in photography: the mystery of people and animals, the infinite personality of light, the nuances of the camera and the darkroom. As a photographer, I like the variety of tasks: being with people and being solitary, being social and being quiet. I like to work on something for a long time, to see my inches of progress from year to year. I like the combination of dynamic social interaction in the photo session and the quiet tactile craft of the darkroom.

I print all of my fine black and white photographs. I can't imagine someone who doesn't really care about the image, printing it. It takes watching the image as it evolves in the darkroom to learn how best to print it. I use traditional materials, film and silver gelatin paper. "Silver Gelatin" is the term used to describe traditional museum quality prints. They are my specialty and my passion.

In photography I feel that my purpose is to remind us all that goodness is already here.